RT-AX82U crashing when using IPTV vlan

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New Around Here
So i've been using an old RT-N66U as replacement for the router my ISP provided (T-Mobile Netherlands, they provide a Huawei router). To get internet and IPTV to work i had to set up vlan tagging, 300 for internet and 640 for IPTV.
This has been working for many year. Today i got myself a new RT-AX82U to replace the N66U and after setting up everything all seemed well. UntilI tested the TV. I turned on the tv box (amino) and got signal for like 20 seconds, after which it dropped again. After checking i noticed that the router was rebooting, and kept rebooting like every minute.
Every time i could watch a program on tv for like 20 seconds, after which the router rebooted again.
As soon as i unplugged the IPTV box, the router was stable again, so it seems the IPTV is somehow making the AX82U crash.

I already did a factory reset on the AX82U and only set up vlans, same problem.
I copied over the settings from my old N66U, on which this has been working great,without result.
I am on the lastest firmware atm.
Here is a pastebin with a logfile from the router, which contains a few crashes.

Hoping someone here is able to help me...

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