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RT-AX82u - Guest Wifo problem (devices are connected to the LAN ! )

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New Around Here

I have a problem with my RT-AX82U (stock firmware but the last one that I installed today).

The GUEST WIFI network puts devices on the LAN network (all devices can see each others and connect on my personal devices, all are on the same subnet IP).

I discover this today, 2 years later! It's a crazy problem.
I don't find any explanation and solution on internet.

Here it speaks about set the "ACCESS INTRANET" but I don't have this setting.

Please, do you have any idea?

Thank you :)
Ah, so it's this... Yes I'm in AP mode.

So, 1) they have to remove the text explaining that Guests will be isolated, 2) or removing the Guest feature.

Thanks for the so quick answer.
it was 2 different topics (1 about Merlin with this router)
You, kindly, answered in both.

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