RT-AX86U as media bridge at 5GHz

David Arnstein

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I have a RT-AX86U as my main router. I have an older Asus router that I have configured as a wireless media bridge. The two devices are working on a 2 GHz WiFi link. I cannot get the two to communicate at 5GHz. Possibly, the RT-AX86U is using new channels that the old router does not support?

Anyway, if I pay up for a second RT-AX86U and configure it as a wireless media bridge, will it link to my main router (also RT-AX86U) at 5GHz?


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Don't know how long your link needs to be physically, but I have an RT-AX3000 that I'm using for a media bridge. It works really well between our downstairs and upstairs above the ZenWiFi AX. Getting over 600Mbps with gigabit internet at the LAN ports on the AX3000. Would save you some money over a second RT-AX86U if it provides a long enough physical link for your needs.

Here's my reference for the media bridge install, it was close but needed a little adaptation:

By the way, don't think that you're seeing a problem with difference in channels if you're in the US. If not, no comment *smile*.
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