RT-AX86U crashing when I try to use more than 1 VPN Client

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I have an old RT-N66R that would run 5 VPN Clients at the same time with no problems. Today I got a AX86U and pretty much replicated the same settings on it however it will crash every time I try to run the 2nd VPN Client, to the point where it will disconnect my internet entirely and I have to unplug/replug the WAN ethernet cable to get it running again. The last lines of the logs before my internet goes down completely are:

Dec 18 17:20:12 openvpn-routing: Configuring policy rules for client 2
Dec 18 17:20:12 ovpn-client2[6126]: Initialization Sequence Completed
Dec 18 17:20:24 WAN_Connection: ISP's DHCP did not function properly.


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Perhaps its a beta build issue since I found another user with seemingly the same problems:


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Instead of 'blindly' using the settings that worked on that old workhorse, try setting up a new VPN connection(s) with the latest suggested steps available from each provider.

That link isn't your issue. :)

You may want to follow the suggestions in the link below to get your new router to a good/known state and have it use the expected defaults of the latest firmware.

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Be sure not to skip the steps in the link below (also in the link above).



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This just happened to my with 386.1_beta2 on AX86U. Setting up second OPENVPN client causes AX86U to lose Wan connection, being slow and not working. Removing connection and rebooting the router all good.


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Update to Beta3, its fixed.

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