RT-AX86U does not recoonect WAN automatically


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Hi all,

Apologies n advance if this is the wrong sub-forum to post in. If it is wrong, do let me know which specific area I should be posting to instead.

I haven been trying to figure out a problem on my RT-AX86U running Merlin 386.3 firmware. It was all working fine before but since the start of this week, my WAN connection drops/resets intermittentlyfor unknown reasons but the router does not seem to reconnect automatically. It stays that way until I reset power manually.

I've checked through basic settings in the GUI but I don't see anything amiss.

To add noise/confusion, connmon runs every 30 minutes and its logs show the

Any ideas what I can check? Your help and suggestions much appreciated.

P.S. For anyone who wants to take a stab at looking at the messages logs:
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