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RT-AX86U not providing internet with Motorola MB7621

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I was planning to retire my Netgear R7000, which still works, but the wireless is dropping every two weeks or so.
My modem is a Motorola MB7621, connected to Comcast with a 200MB/5MB service.

I recently purchased an Asus RT-AX86U from Micro Center.

The web page is showing it connecting, by having an WAN IP address, but neither wired (either directly or through a Netgear GS116E switch or wireless from an IPod have internet access.

Doing all the following and the unit is still not providing internet access.
I applied the latest Asus firmware, letting it complete the process.

When running the troubleshooting from the router tools, not getting a ping from google.com nor nslookup.

Did all the processes I was aware of, power down modem, router and PC, wait a few minutes, power up modem, after it completed it boot up, power up the router and then the PC once the router is fully booted.

Reset the router to factory, and run the process, going through the QIS selecting Create a new Network , Automatic IP.

Worked with Comcast and they only reported, since it's not our equipment can't help. I do know the access does not require an account and password, only for the modem to connect to their equipment.

After working with Asus on the phone, they came to the conclusion of return router for repair.

Since I have a few days before the Micro Center return window expires, I tried to return for a replacement, but they now only have the RT-AX86U-Pro, which I didn't want to pay the $300.00, and .

So, I am looking for opinions, should I just return it for a refund at Micro Center, and maybe find another AX86U from another reseller, or send it into Asus for a repair. (Suspecting I will get a refurbished unit, but could be wrong).

All view a appreciated, as long as they are civil :)



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Welcome to the forums @Lester-the-Nightfly.

Just return it. Find another unit in stock, ready to be picked up/delivered instead. There is no point in going through a warranty with brand-new equipment; that's just a waste of time.


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Did you try to clone the MAC address of the old router to the AX86U?


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Went back to Micro Center and they actually replaced it with a RT-AX68U Pro.
This one configured without a hitch.
The only thing I can think of, I powered off the modem for at least 15 minutes... Eh...

Hopefully it will be a good unit for the same number of years the R7000 has been for me.

Thanks to L&LD and bbunge for taking the time to reply and for their input.

I'm keep stopping by and may the bit-Gods allow me to provide valuable input myself, now and then.


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RT-AX86U Pro is a newer model with better hardware. It will also get the new Pro firmware not available for the older model. Congratulations!

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