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RT-AX86U or ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12

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Hi Peeps,

I'm Looking to buy a router to replace my ASUS AC68U that I have had for a while. Currently our Internet connection is downstairs in the lounge and we are on 500MB Internet Full Fibre with BT.

I'm looking at the RT-AX86U and the ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12. Mainly looking at better connectivity between devices and less latency between devices, aminly used for gaming, video editing and streaming devices in the household.

My Setup is we have the following:

Downstairs near the router we have connected the following:

Lounge TV (5GHZ)(Wireless)
Alexa Firecube HD Streaming Device(Wired)
AJAX Alarm System (Wired)
4 Downlights connected to Alexa

Alexa Dot

Main Bedroom:
MoGo Pro Smart Projector(5GHZ)(Wireless)
NVIDIA Sheild Pro(5GHZ)(Wireless)
2 Smart Plugs for lights

Bedroom 2:

Bedroom 3(Gaming Room)
Gaming Desktop PC(5GHZ)(Wireless)
Xbox Series X(5GHZ)(Wireless)
Firestick 4K(5GHZ)(Wireless)
Smart Bedroom Light

We also have 2 Mobile Phones connected at any given time and normally run these on 5GHZ.

Also wired into the ADSL Router downstairs we have the CCTV Connected too that lives in the Attic.

On 2.5GHZ we dont get the full download speed and normally caps it at around 50-70 Mbps, however when we switch it over to 5Ghz we normally get anywhere between 100-150 Mbps.

Can you advise would it be best from a latency and gaming perspective to go for the RT-AX86U or maybe the ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12. Ideally we want greater coverage in the house. Ours is a 3 Bedroom Detached House with all the bedrooms upstairs. I cannot move the Broadband connection that is located downstairs at the front of the property in the Lounge.

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ET12 is a mesh system which meets your need for wide coverage. RT-AX86U may be a good option if you are primarily concerned with reducing latency and improving performance for gaming and other high-bandwidth applications. It depends on your budget and which feature is more important to you.

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