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[RT-AX86U Pro] Internet speed on clients

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Hi all,

I have a 1000/500 Internet connection. I've recently upgraded from an RT-AC68U to an RT-AX86U Pro, firmware v388.1.

I have noticed that measuring Internet speed from a wired machine measures only ~500/500. I've tested this from a desktop that's connected via a switch, as well as a laptop plugged directly into the router. Both machines were measuring ~1000/500 with RT-AC68U.

The curious thing is that when measuring Internet speed directly from the router (Adaptive QoS -> Internet speed), I do get ~1000/500.

RT-AX86U Pro has Adaptive QoS turned off, as well as Ai Protection. I've replaced the old router directly, no cables were changed, the switch is the same.

Tools -> Sysinfo -> HW Acceleration shows: "Runner: Enabled - Flow Cache: Disabled".

How do I begin to debug this?

Thank you!
Indeed, I did run WireGuard server on the router!

I've disabled it and I'm getting full speeds now, thank you!

Is this WireGuard's or Asus firmware bug/limitation?
from what i know that issue is fixed in the 388.2 alpha 1 version

but dont pin me on that i never used wireguard at all

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