RT-AX86U QoS Speed


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Anyone know what kind of speed I should expect on a RT-AX86U router when using traditional QoS? I'm currently using a RT-AC66U B1 router and unfortunately I'm capping out at around 120Mbps with one CPU at 100% when using traditional QoS. Does QoS performance scale linearly with single core CPU speed? In other words, should I expect 1.8 times the speed on a RT-AX86U since it has a 1.8GHz processor compared to the 1GHz process in the RT-AC66U B1? Any real world data would be much appreciated on how fast QoS can actually run on the RT-AX86U router.



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Yes, it does scale with process speed (how linearly, I don't know).

But keep in mind Traditional QoS may not be working/available in newer models either.

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