RT-AX86U/RT-AX5700 hits the FCC

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matthew johnson

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The way asus works will be lucky if we see it this time next year. The RT-AX89X hit the fcc in march or something like that of 2019. But has yet to actually be globally release.d But who really knows anymore


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
How far in advanced does this application precede a product release (guesstimate)?

Impossible to tell. For instance, there was about 7-8 months between the RT-AX88U hitting FCC, and its official launch. So, it will vary greatly between devices.

Internet Man

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FCC docs suggest that this product is three-stream for 2.4GHz and four-stream for 5 GHz so the AX5700 math might work out like...

2.4GHz: 3x3:3 802.11ax @ MCS-11 = 860.4 Mbps
2.4GHz: 4x4:4 802.11ax @ MCS-11 = 4,804 Mbps

Add the two together in the usual marketing way and 5664.4 Mbps ~ AX5700

The only other AX5700 product that I'm aware of is the nerfed Costco-exclusive Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX75). This product has 1024-QAM disabled on the 2.4 GHz radio as compared to the RAX80 which has identical hardware but claims AX6000 speeds. These products use two Broadcom BCM43684 radios.

I'll guess that this product is Broadcom-based and uses a BCM6710 for the 3x3 2.4Ghz Radio along with a BCM49408 CPU and a BCM43684 radio for 5 GHz.


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Does seem kinda late in the game for a high end 6 that's not 6E.


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....and I have no clue what 6E is....let me read....
Usually I buy new stuff but was surprised how good the RT-AC86U is, no issue at all with 5GHz reach and speed, Ethernet NAS trasfer rates are 113MB/s, the only reason why I would upgrade would be better 2.4GHz reach for the outside IPCams, I tried with AiMesh before but hated that....

Would any newer router be better with 2.4GHz coverage or is 2.4GHz dead?
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Part of the Furniture
Maybe not 'dead', but for sure in its 'golden years'. :)


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I don't see any retailers listing it for sale yet, but this certainly is one step closer. Will be very curious to see the price. My guess is $275-$300 online.
It's gonna be for sale for 1599 RMB (after tax, ~226 USD) starting May 20th in China
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