RT-AX88U 384.19 5GHz Issues

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Looking for some suggestions here. Ever since I upgraded to 384.19, I've had infrequent issues with 5GHz clients getting dropped. Here's what it looks like the the router logs:
Dec 20 08:31:07 WLCEVENTD: Deauth_ind 0C:7A:15:XX:XX:XX
Dec 20 08:31:07 hostapd: eth7: STA 0c:7a:15:xx:xx:xx: IEEE 802.11: disassociated
Dec 20 08:33:16 WLCEVENTD: Auth 0C:7A:15:XX:XX:XX
Dec 20 08:33:16 WLCEVENTD: Assoc 0C:7A:15:XX:XX:XX
Dec 20 08:33:16 hostapd: eth7: STA 0c:7a:15:xx:xx:xx IEEE 802.11: associated
This is an Intel AX201 on Windows 10 running the latest drivers available. (It happens to other clients too, just using this as an example.) When this occurs, I can still see and connect to the 2.4GHz network just fine. I can also see other 5GHz networks around me.

I'm wondering if anyone might have some suggestions before I go full nuclear. I'm thinking to just stay 384.19, but rebuild everything from scratch. (Not looking forward to it, but it's probably overdue.)


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Well, I just went nuclear... and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Only took about 2 hours.

Now we'll wait an see if my 5GHz issues are gone!


Part of the Furniture
Hope it's one and done!

The next time, it will be faster. :)


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It definitely will be faster... I documented everything. The only thing I was iffy on was restoring my Diversion configuration, but it ended up being pretty simple after I figured it out.


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Maybe? It's hard to tell just yet.

I've been working from home during the pandemic and lately this issue has been getting more frequent... So, I decided to try and fix it. But I'm on vacation now and haven't been locked to my workstation all day long. It doesn't seem to be happening... but maybe it's just because I'm not experiencing it. I've checked the syslog and I still see entries like the above... but there's no delay between the disassociation and association. (I think this is just normal behavior.)

I also left the default settings in place for WiFi, which may have had an impact. Attached are screenshots of the settings and what's different now. (Didn't grab the professional tab.)


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