RT-AX88U 384.19 merlin potential bug

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hello, have been running 384.19 on my 88u since its release date. Every so often, usually in the middle of the night, my WAN connection goes down randomly and does not recover unless a hard reboot is performed. each time this is occuring, there is no information in the logs. However, I have discovered a pattern. Usually, I am asleep and tend to check my cell phone in the middle of the night which has been sitting idle for several hours and attached to the wifi. I notice that as soon as I touch the phone and it tries to access the internet via wifi, the crash occurs on the router and the WAN goes red. Its almost like the phone is using an old token from earlier in the evening when I was still up and active, and by checking the phone after leaving it idle for hours the old token causes a crash. Does this theory make sense? Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?


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Try flashing a different version of merlin and see if the issue persists perhaps to rule out that particular version.

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