RT-AX88U Guest Network parentals controls don't working

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RT-AX88U Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2_4

kids phones are on guest network but parentals controls don't working.
Do you now why ?



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Guest network on Asus does not behave as you would expect it to. Are you using Guest # 1, Try using Guest #2 or #3. It might still not work but guest #2 and #3 does behave different from Guest #1.


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Réseau invité sur Asus ne se comporte pas comme vous vous y attendez. Utilisez-vous guest # 1, essayez d’utiliser guest #2 ou #3. Il pourrait encore ne pas fonctionner, mais les #2 invités et #3 ne se comportent différemment de guest #1.
ey y


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guest 1 behaves diffirently than 2 and 3, because it is used by mesh (the IP range of connected client are in another range than guest 2 & 3). Broadly discussed on the forum


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Thanks GSpock, I anderstand, I have another question : I need block urls for one PC, is-it posible ?

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