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RT-AX88U / IFTTT and Alexa configuration

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RT-AX88U / IFTTT and Alexa configuration

Hi, did some of you encounter issues in setting-up IFTTT and Alexa?

1. Have issue in binding accounts to Alexa and IFFFT. Or binding again.
From laptop->browser it is not working. Worked once only via mobile up.
Once I try to re-connect it shows: Activation code error, please enter again.

2. Getting list of devices in LAN sent to IFTTT applets as options.
Even once I see the info that the accounts are registered from Asus GUI, when I try to add an applet, it does not see any network devices connected to the router - from the IFTTT options there.

Have DDNS and access from WAN enabled. Are there any other specific settings/ways that needs to be done for this to be done?
Like the mobile (Mobile app) on same Wi-Fi as Alexa devices, or router settings - things to be enabled/disabled prior, NAT, FW rules?
Are there any specific type of account I need to have for binding in the mobile app?
Something I should use specifically: ASUS, Google? Tried with ASUS and Google.

Running RT-AX88U / Newest Merlin installed: 388.2

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