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RT-AX88U - loosing web GUI connection then all the network

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Hi everyone

Got a RT-AX88U for the last 2 years every thing is working well until the last week.
My problem goes like this
When I start the router everything works perfectly. After a few hours the connection to the GUI is blocked, then a few hours later the network falls completely.
When I restart the router everything restarts normally for a while.
When connecting to the router by ssh, I don't see any error. But when the web goes down, I just realized that accessing the jffs partition is impossible, which is not the case when everything is working.

Any idea what the problem may be and what I can do to fix it?

Thanks a lot for any ideas.


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firmware update
This FW has only been available since Thursday/Friday for the RT-AX88U (https://www.snbforums.com/threads/asus-rt-ax88u-firmware-version-3-0-0-4-388-22525-16-02-2023.83594/). I have been running it this morning without issue.

Did the FW update automatically for you? If not, how did you conduct this FW update? Dirty? Reset?

Also, try router GUI access with http://asusrouter.com. If you are forcing to https, then https://asusrouter.com:8443 (or different port number that you defined in the GUI).
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Yes i discover today that the firmware version have changed the 16th (information given by syslog file).
My router have auto update enabled. Seems when i start it with on/off button, he is doing an autoupdate at startup.
I reboot it almost every day from the last 2 weeks, so...

By security, i download it again from asus server and do another startup and a manual update. But again this afternoon, all freeze again (GUI and network).

I have enabled https, but whatever the access (ip, asusrouter) i arrive at the login page. Then if validate my login and pass, nothing happen. The GUI is frozen. If i try a new connection, there is no response from the GUI.
Only a reboot solves the problem from almost a day.


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If i try a new connection, there is no response from the GUI.
Most of the senior members would suggest that you reset your router to clear any configuration/settings corruption. Some members insist this should be done for every FW update. Most will say to only do a reset if you have an issue.

Once reset, don't upload your settings from a saved version. Start from scratch to be sure you start from clean and basic settings.

There are several posts in this forum that can coach you in the process. Or, you can follow "Method 2" here: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1000925/. And, there are several sites that have directions.


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I have changed the firmware with the latest of the 386 series
The good news is everything is back to normal. GUI ok, network ok.

So, it doesn't appear to be a hardware issue, remains a firmware issue or configuration issue when upgrading to a newer firmware version.
I will stay a few days more with this version, then i will try an upgrade.

Any idea to save the config of the static ip of the dhcp server ?


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Any idea to save the config of the static ip of the dhcp server ?

Try https://www.medo64.com/wrtsettings/. I have used it to view saved router configuration files. Most of the senior members in this forum do not recommending editing with wrtsettings and then uploading back to your router. But you can copy and paste sections of the Db view and use it to make a manual reset easier. It is easier than making screen shots of various GUI configuration pages.

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