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RT-AX88U meshed with RT-AX53U ? Is it recommended ?

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Hi, I currently have the ASUS RT-AX88U but unfortunately in one of my rooms I get only -80 dB signal. Happens from time to time that the wi-fi is slower than my phone's data....
I get from my ISP 500Mb/50Mb. The ISP's modem-router is connected as a bridge to my Asus.

My question is: If I would buy the RT-AX53U inferior model and construct a mesh with my existing 88U, would the performance of the whole network be downgraded according to the 53U?
I have 3 LAN clients (receiver, TV and PS-5) and all others are wi-fi (2 laptops, phones, printer etc).

The thing is that I don't want to pay a lot buying a second 88U...

I'd be very thankful for a recommendation !
It will work in theory*, but if you are going to use it as wireless AiMesh node, the performance won't be any different than wireless repeater.

In short clients connected to the main router will work the same way. Clients connected to the node will have limited throughput and won't follow SmartConnect rules set on the main router. Explanation why below.

AX53U is 2-stream router, up to 1200Mbps link rate. When used as wireless node/repeater single radio serves the backhaul and the clients at the same time. The throughput is cut in half as a result, or to about 300Mbps to connected to the node/repeater clients. In real life and with node/repeater at a distance from the main router - less than that. I don't see in AX53U specifications SmartConnect support. It will only create the same SSIDs for 2.4GHz/5GHz.

* - any options to purchase the router and return it, if it doesn't work as expected?
1st of all, I really appreciate your elaborate answer and your good will for helping!
Is there a better option for me, not losing speed (or the least possible) while still getting all the advantages of the 88U?
If you are planning wireless backhaul with 2-band routers, there will be always 1/2 throughput penalty to clients connected to the node/repeater. Most common clients are 2-stream 80MHz wide channel capable AC/AX though and none can reach Gigabit throughput. If you get 4-stream AX router for your node, the bandwidth will be high enough to cover your connected clients' demands. One such router is RT-AX86S, the little brother of RT-AX86U.

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