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RT-AX88U Pricing / Deals

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John Fitzgerald

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Significant price drop. (down from $349.99)

In US Dollars.


05.21.19 : Amazon, $299.00,

05.22.19 : Amazon, $289.99

07.23.19 : new @ $299.99 used @ $278.99

09.13.19 : new @ $299.99

10.25.19 : new @ $289.00 used @ $262.00

12.02.19 : Cyber Monday : New $250, used $230

01.03.20 : New $280, used $257.60

03.21.20 : New price norm $284.99, used $262.19
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Significant price drop.

05.21.19 : Amazon, $299.00, here (down from $349.99)

05.22.19 : Amazon, $289.99
It's now $308.99 but if you buy it used - very good mine came brand new with simply and open box but nothing inside was touched. Everything inisde was sealed and new. And it's only $259.40 ($50 off), so quite a deal! Guessing they are simply ones people bought and changed their mind and returned but they were open so they can't sell them new. Mine works great and I paid a quarter of the price off the normal. It's the same link as the first post but when you see the price and add to cart go down a little bit right under protection plan addon and you'll see "Buy Used - Very Good". Mine works perfect and I have a top of the line router which makes my old ac68u look like a wrt54g from over a decade ago!
Amazon has become the Wild West in terms of consistent pricing.
These prices have crept up, especially the Used/Open Box.

06.23.19: New = $324.99, Used = $275.58
07.01.19 Used = $302.01
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I've just bought it (used) on Ebay auction for GBP 197. Good deal I suppose :) Will see when delivered next week.
07.23.2019 Amazon:
new @ $299.99
used @ $278.99
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Amazon pricing now back to $299.99 as of 9.13.19, used also at $278.99.
update: no longer available
20% off from amazon warehouse, the used price varies from time to time.
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Amazon lowered price: now at $289.00 new. (It was at $290 yesterday so they are playing with pricing.)

Used at $262.00
Amazon Cyber Monday : New $249.99, Used @229.99

In stock on December 11, 2019.
$249 is a really good price for this AX router. Hopefully ASUS fixes their firmware soon.
January 2020

01.03.20 : New $280, used $257.60
Newegg BF price new was $245 shipped so a significant deal is possible.
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We've Got To Get Back To Black Friday 2019!
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I couldn't buy one, since I was waiting for my Christmas bonus
If you take a look on craigslist, OfferUp or Letgo I’ve found two RT-AX88Us. Both A1.1 manufactured 2019, $175 for the first and $180 for the 2nd. Both with everything as new including boxes. Took a couple of weeks to look and a trip around town but can’t beat the price.
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