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RT-AX88U Pro Behaving really weird (syslog, attached)

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New Around Here
I have an Asus RT-AX88U Pro router,
I am using latest firmware RT-AX88U_PRO_3004_388.6_2

A lot of weird things happened on my router today,

Totally lost 5G, and once I got access to the router again, of course I checked the syslog.

But unfortunately it is beyond my knowledge to interpret it,
I would really appreciate if someone could explain what is happening, and what can/should be done to solve it.


  • syslog.txt
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It looks like your router was repeatedly powered off and on. It that wasn't you doing it I suggest you check for a loose power cable.

Your router appeared to have an issue with the 5GHz channel it was using, 124/80. I suggest you try manually setting the channel to 100/80 instead.

Your log is also full of warnings but that shouldn't have caused your problem. To help clean up the log file I suggest you,

a) Go to Tools - Other Settings and set Disable Asusnat tunnel to Yes.

b) Fix the problem with your BitTorrent client using invalid trackers (TRACKer.hArRY.Lu and tracker.trackerfix.com). Or ignore it and hide the problem by going to WAN - Internet Connection and setting Enable DNS Rebind protection to No.
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