RT-AX88U > USB HDD > Mount in Synology Diskstation, how?

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New Around Here

I recently replaced my TP Link router with an AX88U. Previously I had a 2Tb USB HDD connected to the TP Link with shared folders that I was able to mount as a CIFS Remote Shared Folder in Synology Diskstation. It worked flawlessly. The Diskstation could see these folders and I could add them in Plex as a library location.

I've connected the USB HDD to the AX88U and set up the shared folders and I can see them on the network using a login and pass created in the AX88U and I can also mount these shares in Windows with no problem.

However, if I try to mount one of the shared folders from the USB HDD connected to the AX88U in Synology Diskstation I just get an error “Failed to connect to the remote server. Please make sure the remote server is accessible via CIFS”. I'm struggling to work out what the problem is.

I have successfully added the Diskstation in AIcloud Sync and can get the AX88U to sync the shared USB folders to a folder on the Diskstation but this isn't really what I'm looking to do as it's just duplicating the data from the USB drive to the Diskstation.

All I'm looking to do is to be able to see the USB drive in Diskstation and mount them as a folder within there. I can do it if I add it as an FTP folder but Plex server running on the Diskstation doesn't like this (I'm guessing FTP isn't a suitable transfer protocol for streaming video).

I would welcome any suggestions, thanks.
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