RT AX92u - Enabling 160Mhz has negative effect on 5Ghz devices


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When connecting to the second node, I usually get around 350mbps up / down.

If I enable 160Mhz on the backhual the speeds drop to around 100mbps. Obviously the answer is don't enable it but I'm curious to understand why the extra channel would have a negative impact. Both routers have a good connection between them.

Could this be some kind of bug that's not yet fixed? My actual internet speed is 1Gbps.


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Try picking a different Control Channel when on 160MHz (if possible).


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You will need to pick a control channel that allows you 160Mhz width. This is dependant on your location though.

You might find 80Mhz, and the right channel, is the perfect solution.


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Have you looked at the FAQ noted in the WiFi AX settings ?

Issues with AX/WiFi6
The clients are all using wifi 5. The question was in relation to the backhaul between the nodes, which I thought would be already updated to handle wifi 6. Both nodes have the latest ASUS firmware.

I'm unsure why a faster backhaul would make the clients slower, the clients are still using the regular 80Mhz channel.


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Isn't 160 mhz like 8 channels wide, and rely on a some DFS channels? You may also have some channel overlap between your backhaul using some of your normal wifi channels. For example if you're using any channel between 32 and 64 for the backhaul, all of them may be used by the 160 mhz width. And that means for 80 mhz, your wifi channels would best be in the 149-161 channel range?

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