RT-AX92U exceptions in log, blank AiMesh page


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I've had some network instability with my 3x RT-AX92U mesh over the last few days, and the flaky periods roughly correlate with some unusual error messages in the logs. I've reproduced a representative sample in the attached log file, but it breaks down to "PSM microcode watchdog fired", and stack-dumps for "sk_stream_kill_queues", and "inet_sock_destruct". These have appeared again after multiple reboots of all devices, so I don't think it's just a transient one-time error.

I'd like to avoid (yet another) full reset of the network, so if anybody has seen similar errors in their logs and has a fix in mind, I'd appreciate it. Alternately, maybe this is indicative of a hardware issue? I can reach out to Asus if that's the case.


  • syslog error examples.txt
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What firmware are you using?


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It's running on a "dirty" upgrade, the previous version was a full reset.

It's actually gotten worse since I made this post, with a couple of spontaneous reboots. In reverse order: there was a "psm watchdog" dump this morning at 09:38, and last night at 21:37 (suspicious that it's 12 hours apart almost exactly?), 19:20, and 18:52, all following a reboot at 18:46. During that reboot (before NTP sync, so it shows in the logs as "May 5, 07:05") I see several inet_sock_destruct stackdumps, then looking just before the reboot, I see another one.

I'm sure that at some point I need to do the full mega-nuke quintuple-reset-reflash of all devices, but I'm worried this could indicate a hardware failure of some sort.

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