RT-AX92U Freezes


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Since a while I'm having an issue where one of my RT-AX92U units (the one used as the AiMesh node) will lock up every 4 to 48 hours.

- Shows as disconnected in the Asus App
- No more wireless connections working
- No more wired connections working
- All white LED are on (with 2 faintly flickering, not like normal operation).
- Can't connect directly to the unit IP.
- Only solution is to power cycle the unit.

It's on top of a drawer so well-ventilated, but still rather hot compared to the other one.
I tried a hard reset (it's just the AiMesh node, so not much work) but that did not help.
I'm doubtfull resetting the main router will have any difference.
Think the unit is broken? Purchased 11 months ago.

Asus is also not accepting the serial number on their site for RMA.
It appears they need some serial printed on a piece of paper - not the one actually on the device.
Offcourse I no longer have that paper... who came up with that idea :oops:


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Are you typing the serial number in, correctly?

Does the unit work if you put it into Router mode (as a test)?

How did you do a 'hard reset'?


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I'm having the same exact issues.

Asus RMA system is royally screwed up for the AX92Us. I have 3x of them, and none of the serial numbers from the device itself can be found, which means it's impossible to start an RMA. Funny enough, the serial numbers on the boxes differ by a digit, and those work. Yet I'm getting an issue where I have shipped the device and they say it's mis-matching. That's what the Asus rep told me to do.

As for the actual issue, I'm seeing the same lockup issues after number firmware updates. Primary node seems really hot with the same symptoms. A small USB fan on it seems to bring it more stability but still ultimately locks up. Which is why I'm trying to RMA the device.

Running on the remaining two nodes seems to equally have stability issues. Seems like Asus can't get their act together here.


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There has been firmware issues with these routers in the past.

You need to upgrade the firmware on all units and then perform a hard reset on all units using the WPS button.

If that doesn't fix it, go into the AImesh tab and click the optimization button.
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