Rt-AX92U in bridgemode unable to connect to AX88U

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Hey guys I am new here but a frequent visitor for so many tips and tricks about ASUS Routers and the Merlin firmware.

Ok my problem: I have a AX88U as my main WiFi and want to Bride full speed wifi 6 4x4 to another router so I can connect some clients via LAN.
I know Running a Lan cable and a simple switch would be better but due to regulations/other people in my house I cant do a cable through the ceiling and walls. I need it to be WiFi...

For the Router in Bride Mode I have purchased the AX92U because I thought that also says it has 4x4 Wifi6 module (5GHz-2). But I can only get the 2.4GHz (wich doesn't support AX on this model) or the 5GHz-1 (2x2 Wifi 5) module to connect.
I didn't want to overspend on the second AX88U because I dont need the faster CPU eg. on my bridge Router...
Everything else works fine with the AX88U. Merlin, scrips and mixed n,ac,ax connections are running perfectly fine!

I am running latest merlin on the AX88U and latest ASUS on the 92.... am I missing something? Would it work with two AX88Us?

Thank you!


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maybe just set them up w/ aimesh and see if it give you desired speed


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maybe just set them up w/ aimesh and see if it give you desired speed
Thanks for the Idea. I tried that but it got even crazier... Ai would not connect. Tried everything. Reseted my main Router etc. Nothing helped.

Luckily I found a used AX88U for the same price as I got the AX92U. So I returned the 92 and now have dual 88U. Works as desired and is able to push the full gig into the other floor. Well ok not allways but its mostly above 750Mbits so I am pretty happy with that. Thanks again!

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