RT-AX92U Link Aggregation

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I have a server + switches working great with link aggregation. When transferring data from laptop (WiFi 6 via RT-AX92U) I'm however limited to 1Gb.
Server has two 1Gb NIC's in aggregated balance-rr (bonding mode 0), switches are TP-Link TL-SG116E and TL-SG108E's with LAG enabled to server, between switches and to RT-AX92U.
Looking at the switch-monitoring I can clearly see that data is distributed evenly to 2 connection in all links except to RT-AX92U, that connection is using only one link, ie it's 802.3ad mode 4 is working as it should.

So, question is, any way to get the bond0 in RT-AX92U to balance-rr (802.3.ad mode 0) to get the last link to full capability of 2Gb connection?

Sorta stupid to have 4.8Gb WiFI with 1Gb network-link...

Speed is capped, screenshot attached.


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