RT-AX92U MESH vlan tagging


New Around Here
I have three RT-AX92U routers setup in mesh enviroment. Everythink work OK.
Now i have a question, is it possible to ad trunk port from modem to lan2 on main RT-AX92U and tag it with VLAN (i have vlans for IPTV) and theh on second RT-AX92U put STB on LAN2 or LAN3 tagged with VLAN of IPTV ??
Thank you for your answer.


New Around Here
there is way with more hardware. with an extra "managed switch" (neatgear GS308T) and an extra router (eg with fresh tomato firmware). connenct your wifi access points to a managed switch with "MAC VLAN" function. this function can create new VLANs based on the MAC address (all smart TV are in the same VLAN etc.). then from the switch you create a trunk port to the router.

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