RT-N66U C1

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Iam using Asus RT-N66U for my home network and iam very happy with it, iam using merlin firmware. Yesterday i bought same router for my office network, to upgrade my old router, but now on the box its written RT-N66U C1 manufacture date 2017, and i cant find no information about this revision. Can you help me with this, can i upgrade it with merlin or other third party firmware, or should i send it back to shop for refund?


New Around Here
Haven't unpacked it yet, but on box its says model: RT-N66U C1, H/W ver B2, F/W ver


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The FCC ID is probably on the back of the box (not the white label on the side).


Part of the Furniture
I saw this new router type show up in the code. Based on how it being grouped/tested, a guess is that it may be a single core ARM based router.
if(odmpid == "RT-AC66U_B1" || odmpid == "RT-AC1750_B1" || odmpid == "RT-N66U_C1" || odmpid == "RT-AC1900U")

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