RTN66U same router and firmware different traffic monitor?

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I have two RT66U routers with same merlin firmware.

The older router (2 years) has always had the ability to see individual devices on the traffic monitor.

The new router has a traffic monitor but on the drop down it does not have the REAL TIME per device option. Just a global.

Is there a setting ive missed?


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Are they both used in Wireless Router modes? Have you performed a reset to factory defaults after flashing the latest firmware? Then, manually and minimally configuring the router to secure it and connect to the ISP?

Did you try a simple reboot, via the gui? Or a hard reboot, by pulling the power plug?


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Yes both routers are set up the same. Both in Wireless Router modes. Funny the new one runs 10C hotter than the old one. No big deal as they all are under 60c.

I did a two types of resets. One was via the GUI and I also pulled the power plug for 5 minutes. Usually you don't have to do that on Merlin after a flash. The next step would be to totally nuke it to factory.


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You did not do a reset. That is a reboot.

The only reset that matters is to do a reset to factory defaults and then manually configure the router, after you have flashed the firmware level you want installed.


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No I did not reset to factory afterwards as the merlin documentation said it was not needed. But it appears the the new firmware works but did not update fully. What is this 1/2 old 1/2 new until I do a factory reset?

Can this be done remotely? I won't be able to get to the office for a few days. Or will I nuke the network with the reset and not be able to reconnect to the network?

I have teamviewer on a few machines that I can get to as long as the router comes back up. It has a dsl password in it that I am afraid will be erased if I do a factory remotely.


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Yes, please read the documentation on how to enable IPTraffic.

Thanks Merlin!

I posted the documentation to save others from hunting for it.
** Enhanced Traffic monitoring **
Under Tools -> Other Settings are options that will allow you to save
your traffic history to disk, preserving it between router reboots (by
default it is currently kept in RAM, so it will disappear when you
You can save it to a custom location (for example, "/jffs/" if you have
jffs enabled), or /mnt/sda1/ if you have a USB disk plugged in.
Save frequency is also configurable - it is recommended to keep that
frequency lower (for example, once a day) if you are saving to jffs, to
reduce wearing out your flash memory. Make sure not to forget the
trailing slash ad the end of the path.
Note that the first time you use that option, you must tell the router
to create the data file. Make sure you set "Create or reset data
files" to "Yes".

Also, Asuswrt-Merlin can track the traffic generated by each individual
IP on your network.
This option is called IPTraffic. To enable this,
you must first set a custom location to store your traffic database
(see above).
Once again, you must also tell it to create the new data
file, by enabling "Create or reset IPTraffic data files". Once done,
enable the IPTraffic Monitoring option. This will add three new
entries to the Traffic Monitor page selector (on the Traffic Monitoring
You can optionally specify which IP to monitor, or exclude some IPs
from monitoring. Each IP must be separated by a comma.

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