Ruckus R510's and R610's on eBay for cheap

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For anyone who wants to move on from consumer beta-ware and/or commodity antenna tech, there's an increasing amount of Ruckus R510/610's going up on FleaBay for <$150 each these days.

Here's a link to a current batch of R610's for $99 a pop (they'll probably be snatched up by the time anyone clicks this link):

Flash them with the latest Unleashed firmware (free with a Ruckus account) for rock-solid scalable wifi (up to 50 APs), controller-less with multi-master fail-over as well.

Happy to help out anyone who pulls the trigger and needs guidance on setup.
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Awesome to see enterprise quality available at such low prices. To give you an idea how good these are, they're even better than the ubiquity APs and those are at least 2x as good as most consumer stuff. So think of these as like 4x as good as the usual consumer stuff.

Thank you for posting!


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They smoke the commodity sheet-metal origami and "good-enough" engineering products, especially when interference and/or density is high. The stuff is so good I'm at the point where I pretty much won't use anything else, aside form buying Cisco CBW if it has to be new and somewhat inexpensive. If anyone is on the fence, just pull the trigger and ask questions later. It really is a better mouse trap.
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How much better are the R510/R610 than the R500? I haven't seen a good comparison chart anywhere. Thanks!


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Datasheets: R500, R600, R510, R610.

Most major difference is slightly higher receive sensitivity with the R510/610 (by 5-10% I'd say), plus Wave 2 AC, so MU-MIMO capable, at least in theory (but the bulk of clients have either no, disabled or broken support for it).

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