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There seems to have been a 10 month old problem where the download speed on IOS devices was very slow. It seems there is just now a firmware fix so you may want to load the latest firmware. There were plenty of mad people selling Ruckus wireless APs. There was a Lennar builder who was selling them since his clients were complaining. I wonder what he replaced them with?


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The issue, ER-7956, was fixed in Unleashed firmwares and and ZoneDirector firmware 10.4 refresh 2. It wasn't just isolated to iOS devices; it effected primarily Tx throughput (from the AP to the endpoint) whenever encryption was enabled (corresponding acknowledgement).

As of this month at least, Ruckus APs and switches are still going into Lennar homes (proof).

I certainly picked up quite a few R510's on the cheap during this time period -- a great opportunity to have bought a ton of marked down gear, as I knew they'd be patched eventually, offered enough throughput for most use-cases in the meantime and still maintained their superior interference mitigation regardless.

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