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Ruckus Wireless Launches New ZoneFlex Wave 2 Business APs

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Ruckus Wireless just added two new Wireless AC Wave 2 access points to its growing family of wireless APs.


Ruckus Wireless, now a Brocade brand, added the ZoneFlex T710 and the ZoneFlex R510 to its line of Wave 2 products targeting business and campus environments.

Key features in the new access points include MU-MIMO for simultaneous, same channel multiuser access; Ruckus Wireless’ BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology; and the company’s own predictive channel selection solution, ChannelFly.

The T710 is an outdoor version of Ruckus’ previously released R710 Wave 2 access point. Aside from MU-MIMO, BeamFlex and ChannelFly, the new T710 has four dual band antennas, and also includes fiber and Ethernet interfaces, built-in GPS and inventory management. The R510 AP comes with a two dual-band antenna configuration and is compatible with 802.3af Ethernet switches.

The ZoneFlex T710 and R510 are compatible with Ruckus’ newly updated ZoneDirector and SmartZone wireless controllers, enabling user access control, guest network, and security management on the access points.

Announced at the same time as these new access points, the new ZoneDirector 9.13 gets updates to facilitate installation and management, while SmartZone 3.4 benefits from improved remote network management, installation, and Amazon Web Services support.

Both APs also support Ruckus’ location-based service called Smart Positioning Technology (aka SPoT), and CloudPath - the company’s software solution for security and access management.

The new ZoneFlex APs, ZoneDirector 9.13, and SmartZone 3.4 are scheduled for a July release.

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