Run PiHole or AdGuard Home on router on separate IP and keep router's dns upstream forwarding?


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what i'm trying to achieve is running router's default DNS with "Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS".
But also running some kind of adblocker on separate ip on the router also.
So that way i can direct clients in DHCP settings to that alternative url.
There is a way to have diversion running on default routers ip and then one another, but both instances, as far as I understand it, need to run filtering.
And honestly I would just like to have default functionality of the dns of the router without it going through the diversion at all, just for the gained unnoticeable speed benefit.

I was able to use to get ad block home installed and working, but only on router's ip, so no "Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS". This also means losing amtm. I have no Idea how to actually move it to another IP, i think i would somehow need to create interface for it or something.
I was not able to get pihole running, but i did not try very hard so far honestly :) - I not even studied this yet
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Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS
This option is usually bad to enable because it allows lookups for your local LAN domain (e.g. *.home.lan) to be sent to public DNS servers which would not know how to resolve them. Not sure why you think you need it.

Have you looked at DNSFilter? Set your default DNS server in LAN DHCP DNS (do not advertise router IP also). Then in DNSFilter set Custom 1 field to the router IP (e.g. running Diversion and create rules in the manual list for devices needing filtering by setting the MAC address and mode to Custom 1. Those individual devices will be forced to use the router DNS and the rest will use the DHCP DNS.

The Global mode should be No Filtering.

Maybe I misunderstand what you want to do, but there are ways to do almost everything.


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Yea the upstream thing is not true, i just assumed that is how router's default DNS server worked.

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