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Run unbound on RT-AC86U or on Pihole?

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I'm running two instances of Pihole for DNS: one on my home server, and one on a Pi. I'm also thinking about setting up Unbound as the upstream resolver for Pihole.

Do you think I should install unbound on my RT-AC86U, or on one of the Pihole installations?

I thought the performance might be better running it on my server, but then perhaps less chance of downtime if running on the router?


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Run it on the server and RPi, of course. They act as DNS servers in your LAN, not your router.


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Personally I just run Unbound on two Raspberry Pi's running Pi-Hole since I have the router doing the DHCP server business for the LAN. Been doing it this way for several years. As always YMMV.



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