Safe flashing beta over merlin


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Got my ax86u running latest stable Merlin.
Is it safe to flash the latest Asus beta over Merlin?
Would love to try the wireguard VPN option, that's why.

And is it safe to revert back to Merlin if it doesn't work as hoped?


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You can try (it is safe).

But that would not be a great way to test the different firmware.

Flashing between stock and RMerlin firmware requires a full reset to properly evaluate (and vice-versa).

Simply doing a dirty upgrade to the other may work, but it may not.

Either way, be sure you download the firmware you are happy using now, create a backup config file (and a backup JFFS file too), and experiment away. If/when things go south, simply flash that identical firmware to the router, do a full reset to factory defaults, and then use the backups you created to get back to where you were before you started.

Note that you can't use those saved backup config files between firmware versions, nor between stock and RMerlin firmware either.


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Thank you for your very complete answer. Highly appreciated.

One thing: I came from an older Asus router (without Merlin), and used the settings-file in the new router (with Merlin) without any issue. So, maybe I was lucky :)


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Yes, you are lucky! But I would not continue using the router in that state.

You are only assuming/hoping you're getting all the benefits, security, and performance of the new hardware otherwise.


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Asus beta for the AX86U? Where?

Edit: The Asus 386rc3-3 still does not have a file for the AX86U. Does have the AX68U but it can not be used on the AX86 Series!


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If all you want is to try Wireguard, you really don’t have to wait for Asus. Asuswrt-Merlin 386.5_2 already has the wireguard kernel module and user space tool installed on your AX86U.
You can do an insmod of the wireguard.ko module and setup some wgXX.conf files manually.
Or, my recommendation - install @Martineau Wireguard Manager addon. Takes care of setup, startup, creating wgXX.conf files, etc.
It works quite well - I have been running Wireguard for months.
You can load it using AMTM. I would also recommend that you update to the latest beta version by doing an update force on the dev branch.
After installing, fire it up (wg_manager) and at the command prompt:
uf dev
Exit, then restart wg_manager.



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[To upgrade] After installing (wg_manager) , fire it up and at the command prompt:
uf dev
Exit, then restart wg_manager.

When updating wireguard_manager using either the uf or uf dev commands, there is no need to issue the exitcommand as wireguard_manager, dynamically executes the new code in real-time for uninterrupted processing.

(Hint: Simply use command ? to display the wireguard_manager version that is currently executing.)

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