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Samba share disconnects intermittently when using Blue Cave node.

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New Around Here
Hi there - first time poster, longtime luker. Hopefully, someone has some suggestions for the issue described below.

RT-AC88U – Firmware: Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 Mode: Router
Blue Cave – Firmware: Mode: AiMesh Node

On my Samsung TV, I watch recordings through our Samba share each night that play through until morning or whenever I stop it, without interruption. This has worked great since the RT-AC88U has gone online.

Recently, I purchased a Blue Cave to cover some low points in my house's coverage area. The Blue Cave is setup as an AiMesh node and has a direct Ethernet connection to the router. This has been a great addition and I now have a strong coverage throughout the house.

My Samsung TV is now connecting to the Blue Cave for network access and I am able to access my Samba share. My issue is that intermittently, while watching videos, the video stops and then I am instantly brought back to the Samba menu screen. I am able to re-select a video and it will continue where things left off. While connected to the Blue Cave, the continuous Samba streaming may last for an hour or 4 hours before it disconnects (or maybe loses it's buffer). If I disconnect the Blue Cave from the network, I can seamlessly watch videos without any interruption; continuous streaming for 36-hours or more.

See the attached image for a detailed network layout.
Probably caused by poor firmware, nothing you could do in this setup.
But maybe others know more how to solve.
Ensure that you have selected "wired" as the connection type for the AIMesh node.

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