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Samsung connection issue

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I have an Arris cable modem Model TM822G which is being used for internet access only. I have a Netgear GS105 gigabit switch and a Nighthawk AXE7800 router. There is 3ft Cat 5 patch cable from the modem to the switch. The router is connected to the switch with approx. 75ft of Cat5E cable.

This setup has worked flawless to allow wireless connection to cell phones, a television and a computer.

The issue I am trying to solve is I cannot get a wired connection to a Samsung television. The new line I am trying to introduce is approx. 50ft Cat5E to the television. The television seems to recognize there is something connected to it but it does not recognize the network and will not connect to it. I have connected the cable to the switch and to another switch a Netgear GS108 switch at the television end I have both status lights flashing on both ends at each switch indicating a good connection. I have a DirecTV Genie receiver and if I use the same cable I am trying to connect to the TV with, the genie receiver does connect to the network and the internet. I have tried a new cable but with the same results to the television. When the television is connected to the network I do not get any status lights on the switch.

Other troubleshooting I have tried is replacing the switch with a Netgear GS108 switch and I get all the same results. I have found if I disconnect the cables from the switch and connect the television cable to the switch first I get both status lights flashing on the switch and it connects to the internet. Now if I connect the router cable to the switch the router does not get a connection and I lose the WIFI signal. If I connect the router cable first then the television cable the router works and the television does not. So it seems the television is dragging down the network.

Some other pieces of information are the television board has been changed twice for a total of three of the same boards and always the same results. Does anyone have any insight?
TM822g to Router then to switch and TV.

Looks like the TM822G is just a modem and not a router.
connect the cable from the tv to the router, not the switch between the modem and router. The TV is getting DHCP from the router over wireless initially. The router will not issue dhcp addresses over its WAN port. The Samsung is expecting a new dhcp address for its lan port when you plug the cable in. It needs to get an address from the router via the cable if the lan ports and the wireless interface are not on the same subnet (e.g. 192.169.xxx.yyy where xxx is the subnet value, yyy can be anything within the dhcp range set by the router dhcp server.)
Alternatively, you can manually set the Samsung lan and wireless to static addresses consistent with what the router dhcp server hands out for each of the interfaces (wireless, wired). You still need to connect the Samsung ( or the local switch that is connect to the TV lan port), to the router LAN port.

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