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AX86U here, question regarding WiFi 6.

At my nephew's house, he uses an Asus TUF Gaming AX3000 running official firmware, with my S22 Ultra I connect to WiFi 6 every time, no problem whatsoever.

At home with my AX86U I have changed settings over time, so I am not sure what is causing the issue, but my S22 Ultra never connects to it via WiFi 6.

At home, my brother's S20 FE always connects WiFi 6 without issue.

So, what setting have I changed that is causing the S22 Ultra to not connect to WiFi 6 with my AX86U?

Anyone know what settings, outside the basic ones in WiFi settings, can impact WiFi 6 connectivity? I can't factory reset to default because we have way too many devices connected to WiFi and people that come over all connected to Wifi too, and I would have to make all the connects again and enter the password again on all devices.

The only thing I can think of is perhaps WPA2-Personal? Maybe changing that to WPA3-Personal because I read somewhere that is requirement for WiFi 6E, but not sure if it is for WiFi 6?

Then again changing WPA2 to WPA3 will reset the passwords wouldn't it, and be similar headache to resetting to factory default.


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I had Wi-Fi issue, with my S22U too, I'm using AX11000. Even now, I face it once in a while.

My issue being, even though the Wi-Fi shows it's connected and is shown in ASUS network page, s22u says no internet, don't think it has anything to do with WPA 2/3. My phone works well with Ubiquiti U6LR connected to the same router as an access point, so it has to do with some Asus Wi-Fi settings. I have a S7 plus tab that works well with the same network.

All that being said, I have managed to reduce how often this occurs by

1. Disabled using Randomized Mac for the phone
2. Assigned a static IP(different for each) for the phone for all bandwidths (2.4, 5G) in LAN DHCP
3. Using different SSID for different bands

here is the config I'm using, it's not ideal for a normal user but in case of S22U alteast for me, it works





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You can compare your settings to your nephews settings to see if that solves your issue.

Us guessing what you have changed is not my idea of being productive.

Note that if you've been toggling features/options on and off, this isn't the same as not touching those in the first place. Which is to say that it is possible to match your nephews settings and still have your issues not fixed. A full reset would be the fastest way to a good/known state at that time.

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