Satellite/IPTV/DVR on AIMesh node instead of Primary ok or even possible?

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Using AT&T/DirecTV Bonded DSL service I get about 12 Up & 55 Down. It's the fastest thing available under $100/mo here.

First of all the hardware I am using:
Arris DSL modem/router unit model # BGW210-700 (router mode(s) disabled using IP-Pass-through mode to my primary router. No bridge mode available here. Only Pass-through. Has something to do with the IPTV service and IGMP-V3 which I think is important to my dilemma. Nothing else connected to the modem. Built-In WiFi disabled too.

Primary Router: Rt-AC68U Hardware A2 (nvram says 1.80?) Asus-Merlin FW # 386.1_beta2-gf4dd1608fa Overclocked to 1400/800.
3 AI-Mesh nodes spaced in delta (wye) formation around the Primary. All 3 have HW Rev's A1-1.70 and all 3 are running Asus-Merlin # 386.1_beta2-gf4dd1608fa just like the primary. All 3 Overclocked to 1200/800.

I have DirecTV satellite service which I believe uses IPTV and IGMP-V3 to distribute video to downstream recievers. Also have their Internet based on Demand & DVR service which again I am told uses IPTV & IGMP-V3 to send video to secondary TV Receivers. The DirecTV main DVR/IPTV/Satellite reciever is an all-in-one jobby that is connected to the Dish via RG-6 as well as to an AI-Mesh Node via CAT-6 Gigabit Ethernet Cable. I also have 3 DirecTV downstream recievers connected to the main unit. 2 use ethernet and 1 uses coax. I have heard rumors that it is strongly encouraged by DirecTV to avoid WiFi connections because of poor reliability and issues with IGMP-V3 and to use RG-6 whenever possible. Ethernet is discouraged as well because of possible issues with homeowners hardware not fully supporting IGMP-V3. I have looked into installing RG-6 and that would entail me running it through a super cramped attic at long distances and is cost prohibitive. Really cost prohibitive. And also not very fun.

I notice the Primary AC-68U has an IPTV tab which lets me select an ethernet port to use with the receiver. It does not however give me an option to select a port on one of the AI-Mesh nodes. Why is this? Would selecting Ethernet port #1 on the primary router be duplicated to the AI-Mesh nodes? Is it even possible to use AI-Mesh in this manner?

The problem I am facing is intermittent TV signal drop-outs on all of the ethernet based downstream TV Recievers. This happens when using the Dish, or DVR, or IPTV on demand. Doesnt matter. I would love to avoid using RG-6 entirely as I found out the RG-6 based networking system, which is very similar if not identical to MOCA 1.0 uses 100mbit link speed tops and is only half duplex and that paltry 100mbps is shared between all the devices using RG-6. To top it off I believe the RG-6 system is multicast which I shake my head in disgust if true. half duplex plus multicast? yuck... Anywho, Ideally I would have gigabit ethernet to each room in the house right? I can only dream... In reality I would love to plug each of my 3 downstream recievers into their own AI-Mesh mode via a 3 foot length of CAT-6 and Ditch RG-6 completely. I would only need Ethernet to link the receivers to the nodes. Can this be done successfully with AI-Mesh 2.0 and my existing hardware?

Apologies for my longwindedness and complicated formatting. I notice thread starters are frequently asked for more info about their setup. I thought I should try to nip that one in the bud.

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