SB8200 Faster with LAG On even when using a single WAN port

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New Around Here
Wondering if others of you with the SB 8200 see this when doing a speed test.

When I said "faster" in the heading I really mean the ramp-up speed, had to keep it short. Max speed is about the same.

As stated in the heading I'm only using one of the two WAN port out of the 8200, my router does not do LAG. The same occurs with my old and new routers, and connected direct.

When I run a speed test the ramp-up to full speed takes a good bit longer when not in LAG mode, in LAG mode it climbs up much faster. I could upload the Ookla screenshots if anyone wants to see.

To be clear this occurs with all WIRED gigibit ports (and of course the wireless too)

The SB8200 GUI states I have hardware version 6.
Xfinity Config: AB01.
Typical measured speeds for the plan I have: mid 300s x low 20s
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