Script to control AiProtection Time Scheduling - Block/Disable/Time?

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Is it possible to use a script (JFFS that can be triggered externally, or external script on my home automation server) to change the Time Schedule setting for an individual device/MAC (already setup in the router, of course)?
I'd like to quickly/easily Block or Disable, or set back to "normal" (aka Time).... needed for control of kid's access.

We have time schedules set but sometimes want to open it up for them, then set it back later. I need to provide an easy and quick way for wife, sitter, etc. ASUS app is not quick or easy or sitter friendly. With script control I could simply trigger the setting change with a button push from my automation platform.

thx for the help!


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Not sure if you use Amazon Alexa but one idea that would be sitter-friendly.

Here's a few relevant Alexa commands:

Screenshot_2020-10-03 [Alexa] What Alexa commands does my ASUS Router support Official Support...png

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