Script to Disconnect / Reconnect PPPoE for RBR50

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Hi, I'm using RBK50 v1 (with USB) with voxel firmware, I'm planning a write a simple script that help me to disconnect then reconnect PPPoE on scheduled time, the reason I want to do this is because I have dynamic IP assigned by ISP, which renew by doing this.

At the moment I'm doing this in the webgui manually at here:

The best I could achieve at this moment is to have it restart the router entirely, but that would disconnect some of my wireless connected device, and the restart takes much longer than just disconnect / reconnect PPPoE, is there anyway I can achieve this?


New Around Here
I'm looking for exactly the same for my Asus RT-AX86U, every so often is disconnects the WAN (red light) and I do same thing of disconnect/reconnect wan through UI. However anyone else in the house can't get into the UI so restarts the router :(

Did you find a solution in the end for yours?

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