amtm Script to randomize MAC address daily

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I would request to have an amtm script to randomize the mac address of ASUS merlin on daily basis or predefined interval.
the reason is that my ISP doesn't change my IP address even if I'm resetting the router and they said that the only way to change the IP address if your router has the feature to change its MAC address then the IP from the ISP will be changed. constant IP address makes my internet connection is more vulnerable for tracking.

please see attached a screenshot where the MAC address need to be changed.
mac address.png


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This (randomised MAC) has been asked about before. Search the forums for those solutions. No need to have such a niche requirement added to amtm IMHO when it can be done with a user script.
Thanks for the info. I have searched the forum but couldn't find it. I would be thankful if you send the link.


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Have look at this post/thread:

You'd have to test whether it works for you, and if it does then decide how/when you want to invoke it.


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Changing your IP or MAC address does almost nothing to prevent tracking. Your computer is fingerprinted by several other means, and your ISP always knows your IP history.


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What's the purpose of this, out of curiosity? Most people pay extra for a static IP or use DDNS. lol

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