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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Seagate’s newly announced 14 TB drives cover NAS, desktop, surveillance and hyper-scale applications. But they ain't cheap!

Starting with NAS, Seagate’s Iron Wolf and Iron Wolf Pro HDDs are designed for always-on applications that require reliable performance from network attached storage systems. Both Iron Wolf drives use Seagate’s Agile Array firmware, providing performance and power management enhancements, as well as dual-plane balance, rotational vibration sensors, and error recovery control.

Both Iron Wolf drives also include Seagate’s embedded Iron Wolf Health Management, adding embedded analysis functionality, status updates and drive health information.

For desktop and DAS applications, Seagate is offering their latest BarraCuda Pro as a 14 TB drive. Running at 7200 RPM and with 256 MB of cache, Seagate touts the new BarraCuda’s 250 mb/s transfer rate, performance that results from Seagate’s Multi-Tier Caching Technology.

SkyHawk 14 TB is Seagate's surveillance offering. Designed for 24/7 workloads, SkyHawk 14 TB comes with ImagePerfect firmware that deals with dropped frames and minimizing downtime, as well as SkyHawk Health Management which monitors drive health and encourages proactive drive maintenance.

Lastly, Exos X14 is Seagate’s answer to HyperScale computing. Coming in a 3.5” form factor design, Exos X14 drives are built with advanced data centers in mind. These helium-based HDDs provide businesses with high capacity storage, running on low power consumption, while serving 40% more petabytes per rack than its 10 TB predecessor. Exos X14 drives use Seagate Secure always-on protection providing data encryption and meeting FIPS 140-2 certification.

For more information, check out Seagate’s company website. Pricing and warranty information is as follows:
Although the Exos drive has the highest list price, street price of Exos products can run less than Iron Wolf products. I rarely see Exos drives cost as much as Iron Wolf Pro drives. Bottom line: always check the Exos drives when shopping for NAS drives.
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