Searching for a Aimesh router for my RT-AC5300

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Wonderful community here :)

I have already a wired connected router RT-AC5300 in the basement of my house but the problem is that I don't get enough wifi signal on my patio... I would like to buy another imesh router that I can put on first floor on my house (in wi-fi).

I don't really know which one take , Asus RT-AX92U or should I buy Asus ZenWifi AX Mini (XD4) or something you might suggest me :) ?

For sure if I take a Wifi6 router (I think it's the future) would it connect to my AC-5300 and work in normal wifi ?

P.S. Sorry for my english writing but it's not my first language :)

Thank to all


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The Zen Wifi DX4 is only a dual band router, this means clients will share the backhaul channel.

The RT-AX92u is by default WiFi5, however you can configure it to share the WiFi6 backhaul channel with the clients. In this instance, it will be faster than the DX4 as it supports 160Mhz. Getting this to work in the real world will of course be highly dependent on your neighbors.

The DX4 is quad core yet the AX92u is only dual core. I run a busy network and have never noticed any issues with dual core.

The AX92u has 512RAM and the DX4 only has 256MB.

I would say the AX92u is a better router, however if you have a slow connection (less than 200mb/s) then the DX4 would be ok.


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Thank you very much leerees ! Well I bought the AX92u and plug it upstair and work fine ! Now I can go outside with full wifi in 2.4ghz

I didnt "tweak" any option in my router but just added a node...

Will check later if I can tell the node to give wifi only to 4 equipment (2 Iphone and 2 Ipad)

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