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Selecting a HDD for (a kind of) NAS

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Nas - cmr
Surveillance - smr

Seagate is my last choice but, the exos line would be my choice.

WD Red is what I'm running and 8tb and higher don't have to worry about smr.
For what it is worth I stopped using Seagate drives several years ago. I was having just too many failures on almost new as well as mid age drives. I have some WD drives that are 10 tears old and still working. I do have a NAS with two WD Red CMR 4 TB drives. The NAS gave me a warning on one of the the drives a few months ago and I replaced it with a WD40EFZX, a Red Plus with 128 MB Cache. The so called "failing" drive has been tested with Gsmartcontrol and now passes the tests and shows no errors.

As for spin up time I do not know. The drives in the NAS do sleep and it seems the device is ready when it is needed.
For all intents and purposes here.... 2 drives @ ~5W is only 10W which is less than an LED lightbulb for consumption. just leave them running and reduce the wear/tear on them over the long term use. Considering you're planning on putting them into a low power system per your PI thread the overall cost to run this 24/7 should be ~$5/YR or less.

The load cycles are what you're dealing with when using APM.

$22/yr by your calculations is cheaper than replacing one before 5 years is up or 3 years depending on the drive you go with for the warranty period.
From my calculations (where I live), it is about 22$/year. :)
Do you think they wear out more if they start and stop several times a day, than if they stay on all the time ?
Yes. I've seen drives only fail when the stopped spinning and never turned back on. I actually disable all sleep on my drives and let them run if the unit is on.

And if you want quiet, it's the desktop drives you want. But they are also the least reliable. The most reliable drives will be close to enterprise designs which are the loudest.
I am running 2 of the 4TB Skyhawk drives in my Plex server. They are setup as a mirrored set. No complaints so far.

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