Semi-bricked AC87U

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New Around Here
Hi everyone,
I have an AC87U that just run-out of warranty 4 months ago and it broke, meaning that.
Not working:
- the 5GHz remains disabled after reboot
- the WAN port does not connect over PPPoE and remains on red
- the LAN ports (2,3,4) are not forwarding one to the other
Is working:
- I can connect to the web interface of the router or via SSH
- the 2.4GHz SSID is working and I can ping other device being connected to the same SSID

I have tried to reset it to factory defaults couple of times, I have tried also Asus firmware and other older firmware, but the problem remains, it is clear that it is a HW issue.
I have tried also to connect the PPPoE on LAN4 port and Dual-WAN, but still not working.
As it looks that the culprit is the Quantenna chipset that it broke out, I am intending to use it having disabled the Quantenna chipset.
Because of that it seems that the routing/NATing is not working properly.

Now, my question to you experts ::)
Do you know if it is possible to run any NVRAM commands for disabling the Quantenna chipset, or to disable the 5GHz and LAN1 port?

In this way I hope that I can use it full feature only on 2.4GHz.

Thank you in advance!


New Around Here
Hi, it seems I have solved it, at least for the moment ... as this AC87U had always had some troubles.
The problem was from the USB stick that I had it plugged there all the time. Probably it was causing some high temperatures because of that.

Now everything else works normal.

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