Set local url to load static IP?

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I’ve bound a static IP to my Ooma (VOIP) device’s MAC address.

Before, on Tomato I was able to figure out how have “” take me to that local static IP.

Is there anyway I can do the same on Merlin? Am I overlooking a setting?

Jeffrey Young

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Add an entry to /jffs/configs/hosts.add


Edit: I believe this will only work if the router is your DNS server, is in involved as your DNS resolve. The benefit of adding this to the router's hosts file (assuming the router is your dns) is that the FQDN can be resolved by any host. Otherwise, you will need to add it to a client's hosts file.
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As an alternative, if you only have a few client systems, you can also add a similar entry on the clients host file (name and location vary depending on the operating system).

Jeffrey Young

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@dosborne did remind me of something. Edited my post above

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