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Set static ip from router

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I have an external hard drive with a built in nic (it's a WorldBook). I use it as a mapped drive on the 6 machines that access this network. The problem is it has changed ip addresses several times in the past 2 months, twice because of power outages. Is there a way to set a static ip for this device on the router? I have no idea how to set it on the device itself.
I have a Linksys WRT54GX4.

Thank you,
You can set the drive IP manually. The info is in the User Manual, Appendix A - Shared Storage Manager. General Setup Tab, Network Address Wizard.
Or, if you know the MAC address of the device, you can usually set a reservation for it in the DHCP settings of your router. But Tim's method is preferred, and easy to do (probably easier and quicker than doing MAC reservations). Just go to the device's web interface and as Tim says they'll be a setting for it there.

Just remember to set it to an address that something else is going to accidentally get (i.e. if the device is powered off). Most routers assign 192.168.X.100 - 150. Just give the device something like 192.168.X.10 and you should be fine (make sure something else isn't at the address by pinging it first).

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