Set up AiDisk, now DDNS does not work - RT-AC86U


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I was setting up AiDisk using the wizard for my plugged-in flash drive and while going through setup, I created a new DDNS using I already had another DDNS (WWW.NO-IP.COM) running before this, and now I cannot no longer connect to it. I'm not sure exactly what happened but it seems like AiDisk erased and replaced my old DDNS settings which I can no longer restore. The things I've tried so far are:
  • disabling FTP
  • deleting the AiDisk profile I set up, though it won't let me delete it
  • rebooting my router
  • restoring my old settings/JFFFS partition
  • factory resetting my router
  • retyping the Host, Username, and Password for WWW.NO-IP.COM DDNS
None of these things have worked. I just want my original DDNS to work, please help!
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One other thing that I noticed now is that my original hostname for NO-IP.COM is now linked to my flash drive which I can see when I go to USB Application > FTP Share


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