Set WAN port as LAN port

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Hello. Is it possible, after connecting LAN to LAN 2 routers ac86u, to use the wan port of the second as a lan port?

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Just wanted to verify that was OP's intent. So in AP mode all RJ45s are peers? Why not just connect WAN-to-WAN or LAN-to-WAN and make the question moot? I realize sometimes WAN ports fail so this would be useful in some situations.


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Hello. Thank you for your answers. I want to try this configuration:

modem (pppoe passthrough) -> merlin router 1 (pppoe) -> merlin router 2.
Router 1 will be connected lan to lan with router 2. Router 2 will have nat and dchp disabled. Is it possible to use the wan port of router 2 as lan port?


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Yes indeed, as @ColinTaylor mentioned, you can configure Router2 for AP (Access Point) mode, and then connect R2's WAN port to any LAN port on Router1. That's how I've got mine setup.

To setup Router2 as an Access Point, connect a LAN port from R2 to your computer; a temporary connection, enabling you to login to R2 from a computer so that you can change its Operation Mode from Router to Acess Point mode. Once you're logged into R2's Web UI, goto Advanced Settings, Administration, Operation Mode, then click on AP mode button, press Save, configure your wifi settings and reboot R2. Disconnect R2 from the computer.

After R2 reboots in AP mode, connect R2's WAN port to any LAN port on R1. R2 will acquire an IP address from R1, along with other routing parameters like DHCP & DNS and Gateway. You can then login to R1 and/or R2 from anywhere on the LAN.

For seamless roaming b/w Router and AP, you should use the same SSID (and wifi password) for R1 and R2, on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. You can also put R1 and R2 on the same Channels if the routers are far enough away from each other, but you'll have to experiment with channel selection; or simply configure all Wireless settings to Auto.
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