Setting 802.1Q tag with vlan id on port WAN on router RT-AXxx ?

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I want change connection from mwlink to new xDSL and there will be using vlan on WAN port.
Now I have router RT-AC68U and there is no menu 802.1Q on wan port.
If I click on the WAN ... the menu 802.1Q appears there only for a while. So I desided, that the menu is only on models DSL-AC..

Please Can somebody tell me if is the setting 802.1Q with vlan ID on WAN port possible with normal firmware or not with classic router RT-AXxx ??
I added picture with the setting. This is not in my 5 years old RT-AC68U.
Is it in new AX series?
I read with another firmware it is possible to use it.

I want to buy new AX router, but version DSL is not selling now, only version RT.
And I want use standart firmware due to mesh with 2 routers.

Thanks for anwers, Petr


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Now I have router RT-AC68U and there is no menu 802.1Q on wan port.

VLAN tagging is configured on LAN > IPTV.

Set Select ISP Profile to Manual if your ISP is not listed.


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